Educogym Case Study

How can 1 change to a page on a website dramatically improve the leads and revenue of a business? I mean, it’s just one page afterall.

Well. That’s the power of effective research, understanding your market, applying scientific copywriting formulas and strategically placing graphical elements on your webpage.

In other words, turning your homepage into a converting machine!

It looks something like this;

Educogym Results

So, what was changed? What was so drastic about the new website that got ready-to-buy customers actually walking into their gym without anyone answering a phone.

Well, have a look at both websites below.


See it here

Old Educogym Website


See it here

New Educogym Website

Well? What did you think? Comment below and tell me what you felt on each website.

What changed?

The results were night and day.

In the old website, there was no logical next step for the visitor to take. The design elements were difficult to use and the copy spoke only about the gym, not what the gym could do for the client. The copy did not speak about how it was different to most gyms.

There was a 3 prong attack taken;

  1. Copy

    We spoke about the key differences between Educogym and the majority of other gyms in Ireland. We also ensured that the many awards the gym won were front fow centre. As well as applying some SUMOBLUE ‘secret sauce’ to the copy, we closed with an unbeatable offer no one could turn away from.

  2. Design

    The design was completely overhauled to allow for better scrolling, better imagery that reaonsated with the audience, and a video which explained the uniqueness of the gym.

  3. Call to Actions & Offers

    The call-to-action buttons were presented front-row-centre on the website, 1 offer of a free consultation and the other of a $49 3 day trial. Both offers acted as successful incentives in getting hot leads, and more customers.

The Results

The above results were on top of current contact form requests, which have actually increased also. These leads were brand new based on the efforts above.

And the results are signifcant (and growing). In about 1 year, when the above figures have increased, we may be at liberty to update this post with more exact figures.

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