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Why choose us? Because your customer is not an algorithm.

Making Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a part of your business is a must for long term success. Over the years, search engines have evolved in how they rank websites. This means that strategies that once worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. Unlike PPC, organic traffic cannot be bought, but it can be earned, and we have the expertise to help you earn it.

Therefore, it is no surprise that SEO can yield the highest ROI, compared to the other marketing channels. Ecommerce stores (in particular large stores) throw up different challenges to search engines that other websites don’t. Our CEO and chief SEO consultant, Stephen Frazer has almost 9 years in ranking and optimising large scale ecommerce web stores to date.

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Our ecommerce SEO services

SEO covers many disciplines and skills that must work with the overall marketing strategy of a business. From the very technical, to understanding your different personas, an experienced ecommerce SEO consultant must understand it all works together.

Keyword Research

At first thought, it seems obvious what keywords you should aim to rank for. But at SUMOBLUE, we have learned to let the data do the talking. We have seen many companies and consultants go after vanity keywords that produce no revenue or conversion. This is often after they’ve spent significant budget to get there in the first place.

At SUMOBLUE, we take the time to understand your different buyer personas, and use a variety of keyword tools that determine the volume, difficulty, and commercial intent of keywords. From there, we can make intelligent business decisions about producing the best Return on Investment (ROI) from your SEO campaign.

Ecommerce Site & Information Architecture (IA)

SUMOBLUE have helped develop the Site Information Architecture (IA) on ecommerce websites such as AppliancesDelivered.ie and Kitchenfittingsdirect.com.

Information Architecture is critical for both search engines and users as it allows both to find what’s most important quickest – this will result in favourable rankings within the search engines. What we do at SUMOBLUE is;

  1. Make your ecommerce store website architecture simple and scalable.
  2. No more than three clicks to get to a page from another page.
  3. Keyword research used to create highly relevant page URLs directories, and subdirectories.
  4. Ensure effective contextual internal linking practices are applied every month to ensure better rankings on important pages

Onpage Ecommerce SEO 

Onpage SEO is the process of letting the search engines know what your page is about. This is done by ensuring your keywords can be found in the meta data, and within the copy of your page. Onpage SEO can be broken down into four different categories;

  1. Homepage onpage SEO
  2. Category onpage SEO
  3. Product page onpage SEO
  4. Blog onpage SEO

SUMOBLUE has the experience and the knowledge to get the results you need fast.

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Technical SEO

Given the sheer volume of large ecommerce websites, it is important that websites of this size are presented as efficiently as possible to the search engines. 

Faceted and filtered category pages can create multiple sloppy variations of the same URL which can not only create duplicate content, but can make crawling your website a nightmare for the search engines.

Not good for rankings = not good for your organic revenue.

With our experience, we can ensure your website is presented as efficiently as possible to the search engines by optimising your crawl budget, ensuring only your preferred pages are being crawled, and that your website performance is fully optimised.

At SUMOBLUE, our team has experience in delivering SEO technical audits for large ecommerce retailers such as AppliancesDelivered.ie (Ireland), JBHIFI (Australia), My Pet Warehouse (Australia), and Coles Liquor Group (Australia). 

Local SEO for Ecommerce

Whether you’re a clicks and bricks store, or just want some additional local traffic, we can help you. Our experience with both spans across Australia and Ireland and we’ve massive results in both regions. 

We can help you with the below while applying best practices and our own ‘SUMO secret-sauce’ from testing and experience;

  1. Google My Business
  2. Building local citations
  3. Local link building

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When all of the basics are applied, content is what separates the superior from the mediocre. SUMOBLUE can help you find your brand tone and voice that speaks to your target personas.

We can then set about speaking to your personas in a way the assists, answers and solves each of their queries. 

We have expertise in creating content for all ecommerce pages such as;

  1. Homepage content
  2. Category content
  3. Product page content
  4. Information Pages – Delivery, FAQs, Price Match.
  5. Blog, content marketing and strategy

Better understanding your persona by answering their questions and guidance will lead to reduce buyer frustration and higher conversion.

Client Example: From 2013 to 2017, a full scale content overall by Stephen Frazer (Sumoblue CEO) for the My Pet Warehouse website helped them grow from $4million to $25million in revenue.

Link Building

We have the tools, understanding and experience to help you earn highly relevant and authoritative links you need to rank your website.

Our Chief ecommerce SEO consultant Stephen Frazer has seen the impact of poor link building over the years and the reprimand issued by Google in the form of Google Penguin.

SUMOBLUE therefore specialises and commits to creative and ethical link building practices that can keep you one step ahead of the competition. 

Google Penalty Recovery

We’ve got the tools and experience to get your ecommerce website search engine compliant. Whether you’ve been penalised by a manual or algorithmic penalty, we can get you back on track.

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