DCK Accounting

A Google Ads case study for this Dublin accountant




Average cost per lead


higher traffic comparing year 2 to year to 1


Increased tracked leads by comparing year 2 to year to 1

How we did it


After DCK Accounting has unsuccessful relationships with previous agencies. We were able to transform their account by first speaking with DCK. We asked questions about who their ideal customer was, and who wasn't.

The result? We were able to provide relevant traffic that resulted in better client-fit for these accountants in Dublin.

Continue Growth in Year 3

We have continued the growth after three years of collaboration.

Even though we hit a plateau in year two, we were able to resume the growth by implementing Facebook Ads, profit tracking, and an even closer collaboration on promotions amongst other things.

Stephen is very knowledgeable and patient.

Made minor tweeks to my existing Adwords account and I can already see an improvement in my listings and click-throughs etc.

Would highly recommend Sumoblue