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Higher ROAS comparing Q3 to Q2


Higher ROAS comparing Q3 2023 to Q3 2022


Dive into ElectroCity’s success story with us – they increased their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by a whopping 375% when moving from Q2 to Q3, thanks to a carefully planned PPC campaign that considered seasonality and the brand’s USP in their ads. In Q3, 2023 saw ElectroCity’s ROAS at 62% higher compared to the same time in 2022. It’s the sumo touch, driving traffic at seasonally appropriate times, creating ads that highlight the brand’s USP, and delivering sale events and campaigns that have personality.

How we did it

ElectroCity Case Study
The Aim

To refresh keyword research for the entire year, and have new ads ready to go when demand started to increase for all given categories. We utilised all ad fields, refreshed banner and video creative that brought ElectroCity’s USP to the fore.

ROAS Q2 to Q3

“Stephen has been great to deal with, we have been working with him only a few months but we are already seeing the return from the efforts so far. Stephen and team are easy to work with, always readily available to assist, and proactive in their approach, which is vital for a rapidly expanding online business such as ours”

Ronan McDermott
Online Operations Manager, ElectroCity