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Average ROAS in Year 1


Explore the remarkable journey of onewith, our valued client revolutionising swimwear with swimsuits that embrace the comfort of underwear. Their patented swimwear, free from digs, elastic, and edges, mirrors the seamless feel of your favourite no-show underwear. In the inaugural year, we achieved an impressive Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 663.50%, showcasing the undeniable success of our strategic marketing initiatives.

Join us as we delve into the onewith success story, where innovation meets exceptional results.

How we did it

The Aim

To enhance non-branded organic traffic and boost organic revenue for onewith, our goal was to secure a prominent position on the first page of search engine results for a wide array of relevant keywords. By achieving this, we aimed to elevate onewith’s brand visibility, understanding that more clicks translate to heightened brand awareness and an increased likelihood of driving sales.


onewith’s triumph is helped by our dynamic PPC strategy. We engaged in collaborative research sessions with the client, investing significant hours to conduct thorough keyword research tailored specifically for the USA market. To capitalise on seasonality, we strategically incorporated relevant keywords, ensuring that our campaigns remained timely and resonated with the target audience. Our adept copywriters maximised the potential of all fields within Responsive Search Ads, conducting A/B tests with powerful copy to seize users’ attention and drive conversions. Through our meticulous approach, we leveraged season-specific insights to enhance onewith’s visibility and impact in the competitive US market.


onewith’s partnership with us yielded an outstanding Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 663.50% in Year 1, showcasing the undeniable success of our PPC strategy. This remarkable accomplishment not only highlights the efficacy of our customised approach in generating targeted traffic but also emphasises the substantial return on investment we consistently deliver. If you aspire to replicate these impressive outcomes and take your business to new heights, schedule a strategy session with us today. Let’s embark on your PPC journey together and unlock comparable success for onewith.

Working with Stephen and the Sumoblue team is a total treat. Consummate professionals who are experts in their field; it’s all I, as a founder-operator, can ask for! A dream to work with, and…they get results. I rely on Sumoblue to set up campaigns, give us advice and optimization implementation for best practices, adjust for seasonality, etc. Their team has a tremendous amount of proactivity to set you up for success, as well as real-time support that truly feels like they are in your corner. They consistently go above and beyond in strategizing/executing for our goal ROAS.
Hayley Segar
CEO of onewith: Swimsuits That Fit Like Underwear™