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Overall revenue increased comparing Year 2 to Year 1


Non branded ROAS average over 3 years

Introduction, one of Ireland’s leading providers of fluid handling equipment, has achieved huge increases in overall revenue and traffic since we began collaborating with them in 2020. 

In fact, RotechShop had their record month for overall revenue in early 2023.

This is largely thanks to our forward-thinking Google Ads strategies.

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How we did it

The Aim

To increase paid traffic and revenue, and in turn, increase brand awareness and branded traffic. Since RotechShop is ecommerce only, we understood just how vital it was to boost their online presence as much as possible.

Our Strategy

In the beginning, we focused on creating a shopping campaign, dynamic search campaign, and standard search campaigns. We created a generic search campaign targeting a variety of products. We also created separate search campaigns for some of the most popular categories.

We frequently created ad tests for each search ad group, letting them battle each other. The least performing ad was then paused, and a new one created in its place. 

If we saw a performance dip, we would adjust the bidding strategy, adjust budgets, and pause any lower performing ad groups.

We then created a display campaign and dynamic search campaign retargeting all website visitors. This was a vital step as returning visitors are more likely to convert than new visitors.

For the Performance Max campaign type, we monitored results very closely and made changes where needed, as with all our campaigns.

The Outcome

So what have we achieved? Let’s start with our most recent results – RotechShop had their record month for overall revenue in early 2023! As for the past 3 years, take a closer look below;

Comparing Year 2 to Year 1:
Comparing Year 3 to Year 2:


You can see from these results that our strategies have truly helped RotechShop grow massively during the 3 years we’ve worked with them.

Whether your business is solely ecommerce or clicks and bricks, with our PPC experience and dedication, we can help your business to not only survive, but thrive online.

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