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Organic revenue increased comparing Year 2 to Year 1


Organic revenue increased comparing Year 3 to Year 2

Introduction has gone from strength to strength since we started SEO work for them in 2020. Starting with their highest intent pages first, we’ve helped them achieve huge increases in organic revenue and traffic.

In fact, they had their record month for organic revenue in early 2023.

So how did we achieve these results? We’ve written keyword-rich copy for their product pages and category pages. This includes meta titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, and body copy.

Rotech Record Month

How we did it

The Aim

To bring in more non-branded organic traffic and organic revenue. In order to achieve this, we had to appear on the first search engine results page for as many keywords as possible. This would increase RotechShop’s brand awareness and more clicks would mean a better chance of increased sales.

Our Strategy

Google My Business

At the start, we created a Google My Business description that explains what they do, what they sell, and the top brands they have in stock. The text also highlights those important USPs including great prices, nationwide delivery, and free delivery on orders over €100.

High-Intent Pages First

We began by writing copy for the highest-intent category pages first. Next, we tackled the product pages, again starting with the highest-intent ones. For all pages, we ensured our copy spoke directly to the target persona, with casual yet informative language. Our copy also never droned on, instead getting straight to the point.

Keyword-Rich Copy

For every piece of content we created, we did an extensive keyword search. RotechShop has a great variety of products so we were able to do this no problem. This helped ensure we reached as many people as possible.

Blog Articles

Once the majority of categories and product pages were covered, we turned our attention to writing blog articles as well. With RotechShop’s products in mind, we researched the kinds of questions people wanted answers to. We then answered these questions in our articles and linked to RotechShop products the reader could find highly useful.

Updating Old Copy

We then began updating old copy. This needed to be done for a few reasons. Firstly, products within categories may have been updated, so we had to make sure the copy was still relevant. Secondly, Google favours newer copy and so will often rank it higher than older entries on the internet. Lastly, Google frequently rolls out algorithm updates which can affect rankings, so we changed elements of the copy accordingly.

Our Strategy
The Outcome

So what have we achieved? Well to start, RotechShop had a record month for organic revenue in early 2023. As for our blog articles, 3 out of 4 articles are ranking no.1 on Google. Here’s a closer look at the past 3 years;

Comparing Year 2 to Year 1:
Comparing Year 3 to Year 2:
Organic Traffic Year 3
Organic Revenue Year 3
Comparing Jan – Feb 2023 to Jan – Feb 2022:
Avg Position


From these results it’s clear to see the major impact SEO can have on a business, it’s really a no-brainer!

We would be happy to do a technical audit for you – this tells you your SEO strengths and weaknesses, and compares you to your competitors. We will then create an SEO
strategy tailored to your business.

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