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Average non branded ROAS in Year 1


Discover the outstanding success story of WiFicandy, our esteemed client who achieved an exceptional 668% Average Non-Branded Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the first year through our specialised PPC services. This remarkable result underscores the effectiveness of our strategic approach in driving targeted traffic and optimising ad spend, showcasing how WiFicandy experienced substantial growth and return on investment with our tailored solutions.

How we did it

The Aim

To bring in more non-branded organic traffic and organic revenue. In order to achieve this, we had to appear on the first search engine results page for as many keywords as possible. This would increase WiFicandy’s brand awareness and more clicks would mean a better chance of increased sales.


WiFicandy’s success is fueled by our dynamic PPC strategy. We rolled our sleeves up and underwent hours of research with the client, and followed up with thorough keyword research for the many countries that they target. Our copywriters utilised all fields within the Responsive Search Ads field and crafted A/B test of powerful copy to grab the users attention and secure the conversion. Our in house video and graphic team got to work to deliver eye catching remarketing campaigns and cold traffic campaigns to various 3 party audiences we helped to cultivate. 


WiFicandy’s journey with us resulted in an extraordinary 668% Average Non-Branded Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in Year 1, a testament to the impactful outcomes of our PPC strategy. This remarkable achievement not only underscores the effectiveness of our tailored approach in driving targeted traffic but also demonstrates the substantial return on investment we deliver. If you’re eager to replicate these impressive results and elevate your business, schedule a strategy session with us today. Let’s kickstart your PPC journey and unlock similar success together.

“Highly recommending Sumoblue agency to anyone who is really looking to get their google ads performance to their next level. But more importantly what we love about Sumoblue is their attention to detail and the continuous support and work they put into creating & applying effective strategies. They really care about making things work, which is really impressive. 100% Happy!”
Elena S
Owner, Wificandy