Everything Entrepreneurial | Episode 5 – Stephen Frazer

Listen to Stephen Frazer on the podcast Everything Entrepreneurial, with Curtis Harley. In the episode, Stephen runs through how he started SumoBlue, a digital marketing agency that helps eCommerce stores grow and scale through digital marketing. Stephen talks through his experience of living abroad in Australia. What it’s like to find a job when you move abroad, learning your craft …

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Educogym Case Study

How can 1 change to a page on a website dramatically improve the leads and revenue of a business? I mean, it’s just one page afterall. Well. That’s the power of effective research, understanding your market, applying scientific copywriting formulas and strategically placing graphical elements on your webpage. In other words, turning your homepage into a converting machine! It looks …

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A Google Smart Shopping Review for My Pet Warehouse

There’s been little in the way of actual results, reviews or case studies for a complete Google Smart Shopping review online. Now, I assume that if you’ve bothered to click on a link that says ‘Google Smart Shopping Review’ that you’re thinking of making the switch over from regular Shopping campaigns, or that you feel you’re not getting much joy, …

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Stephen Frazer On Search Engine Optimisation

Video Transcription KEN CONDON [00:05]: My name is Ken and I’m with the eCAI (eCommerce Association of Ireland) and today we are here in the beautiful, iconic building in Merrion square and I have the pleasure of talking with Stephen from AppliancesDelivered. Stephen, I got that one right, sometimes I mix them up. Pleasure to meet you, Stephen. Thanks very …

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